Ecological Advisor and Project Manager

Company Name:
Placement Services USA, Inc.
Develop ecological plans for vegetation management within utility right-of-way areas. Establish "best practices" that reflect biodynamic horticulture principles, with sensitivity to agricultural practices (i.e., grass land vegetation) that surround areas of focus. Consult with clients for various needs to gain understanding of unique demands of territories and conditions. Confer with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies to discover local environmental quality standards, industrial practices, and any restrictions on vegetation planting and/or removal. Write prescriptions that draw from knowledge of international horticultural methods and other ecological enterprises, and follow project management principles to produce replicable results in any geographic area of concentration. Integrate the use of topographical software to apply ecological prescriptions for particular areas. Develop procedures and identify proper techniques and equipment to solve vegetation interference problems, using the most up-to-date horticultural and biodynamic knowledge and methods. These include phenology, vegetation hindrance and stimulation, keeping the use of pesticide and herbicide to a bare minimum. Take domestic and international practices into consideration when prescribing a vegetation solution and course of action. Work as a team to coordinate resources, schedule, and assign duties within each project based on evaluations of company budgets, goals, and other resources. Coordinate planning, testing, and operating phases to complete project. Establish tracking and reporting procedures to monitor the short and long-term development of every plan and prescription. Conduct successive phases of problem analysis, solution proposals, and testing. Address feasibility issues and produce progress reports for internal use. Review technical aspects of every project and its operations to ensure efficient use of resources. Make necessary adjustments to future prescriptions based on the current environmental research available, and results from existing projects across several companies. Produce and analyze reports to evaluate program effectiveness and project future costs. Confer with project clients and other utilities to formulate balanced, sustainable right-of-way practices. Prepare presentations to promote the "best practices" across utility companies, focusing on the importance of early planning and effective management to produce long-term cost and work reduction. Provide technical and planning assistance to agencies conducting related environmental studies. Requires work in office and frequent travel.
2 years agriculture/vegetation management experience.
Associate's Degree in Horticulture or a closely related degree. Foreign equivalents accepted.
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